Who’s Bad?


  1. Bad: Michael Jackson
  2. Covenant: UFO
  3. Elemental: Tears For Fears
  4. The Masterplan: Oasis

Another four very strong and evenly matched albums. Who’d have thought a bunch of B-Sides could produce such a good album in Masterplan, however Oasis come an unfortunate 4th in this group even though it contains one of Noel’s best tracks The Materplan. I’m giving the group to Bad which is just a bad ass album and easily Michael Jacksons’ best album, every song is a winner from Bad to Smooth Criminal and once again the videos were brilliant (see “Bad” below – which was directed by Martin Scorsese). ThisĀ  leaves Elementals‘ superb melodies (Break It Down Again, Fish Out Of Water) Vs Covenant’s amazing guitar playing and rock n roll attitude (Unravelled, Serenade) . Both albums are superbly produced and I’m swinging it (on this day) to… arrghhh this is an impossible decision, ok I’m giving it to Covenant because of its cool vibe. Arrghhh tough choice!


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