The best selling album of all time gets knocked out!


1.) Division Bell: Pink Floyd
2.) Look Sharp: Roxette
3.) Thriller: Michael Jackson
4.) Introspective: Pet Shop Boys

Arrgghhh this is such a close group. I need to re-listen to it one more time, hang on. *24 hours passes*. Rite, ok this is my decision. Gilmours’ jaw dropping guitar playing and subtle melodicness of Division Bell takes this group. Some truly excellent music here rounded off with the sublime ‘High Hopes‘. Introspective has some great disco songs such as Domino Dancing and Left To My Own Devices but is unlucky to
come 4th is a group of very high quality. 2nd place then is a straight fight between the Pop/Rock crafted by Mr Gessle and the biggest selling album of all time. A close call no doubt with Thriller, Beat It and Billie Jean the middle section of Thriller probably beats the middle section of any album ever. However I really feel that Look Sharp is consistently stronger with it’s almost dance like pop puncuated by guitar riffs and subtle solos and with Dressed For Success, Paint, Chances and the exquisite Listen To Your Heart, Roxette better Wacko here (just).

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