Sweden’s best band defeat some of England’s finest.


  1. Crash Boom Bang: Roxette
  2. On Every Street: Dire Straits
  3. Songs From The Big Chair: Tears For Fears
  4. Decade: Duran Duran

Songs From The Big Chair is controversially knocked out in round one, it’s luscious sweeping west coast production and giant numbers Everybody Wants To Rule The World and Shout pipped ever so slightly by Roxette and Dire Straits.
Crash Boom Bang wins this group with some brilliant Pop/Rock numbers delivered by Roxette with their formula of slow catchy ballads (Crash Boom Bang/Vulnerable) mixed in with sharp guitar pop (Sleeping in my Car, Run To You).
Mark Knopfler takes us on a dark journey through a sometimes murky and pedestrian collection of songs and at times he sounds like he’s sitting in the corner of a smokey pub. Yet, On Every Street is a very good listen and Knoplers guitar playing is
supreme, the excellent title track and epic Planet Of New Orleans help to raise this album above the afformentioned Big Chair.
Decade contains Duran Duran’s most well-known songs from their heyday and whilst being good pop (Rio, Girls On Film, Save a Prayer, etc) it isn’t quite up to the standard of the other three.

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