Symmetry and Light is Agony for Alkaline and makes Bon Jovi Cross

Group 123:

1.) Chase This Light: Jimmy Eat World
2.) Perfect Symmetry: Keane
3.) Agony & Irony: Alkaline Trio
4.) Cross Road: Bon Jovi

This is a ridiculously hard group to split as they are all so great. Arghh I cannot spearate these. Bon Jovis’ greatest hits back when they were an immense rock band is just quality, quality rock. Alkaline are just ever so slightly edged out by the sweeping melodies of Keane’s latest effort, which is really growing on me with each listen. The Trio rock out in typically accomplished style with “In Vein“, “Do You Wanna Know?” and “Lost and Rendered” whereas Keane play it more downbeat and then hit you with catchy choruses like “Perfect Symmetry” and “Black Burning Heart“. Jimmy take top spot (just) thanks to the brilliant “Let It Happen” (just cool enough not to be cheesy), the sparkling “Here It Goes” and the cultured “Gotta Be Somebody’s Blues“. Despite Chase This Light maybe not being quite as good as Futures or Bleed I still love this band!

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