Paul Simon goes ethnic, Green Day go all conceptual, Gerry Rafferty ‘Takes the Money and Runs’ whilst Lady Gaga is Doing It For The Fame.

Group 134:

1.) Graceland: Paul Simon
2.) American Idiot: Green Day
3.) Night Owl: Gerry Rafferty
4.) The Fame: Lady Gaga

If only all groups were as good as this one. Four excellent albums here and almost impossible to split them.
Graceland really has to take top spot here, Paul Simon has crafted a bit of a masterpiece which mixes pop and African rythms beautifully. Any of the other three could have taken the all important second spot. At first I thought it would be hard for anyone to top Lady Gaga’s excellent Pop/Dance debut The Fame which in the end comes an
unbelievable 4th! With strong pop tunes such as ‘Just Dance‘, ‘Starstruck‘ and the massive hit ‘Poker FaceGaga writes fresh, funky syth pop in the mould of Madonna back in the 80’s. Then Gaga goes all 70’s disco near the end and even sounds a bit like Deborah Harry on ‘Summerboy‘.

If it was hard pushing Gaga to 4th, splitting the rumbustious American Idiot and elegant Night Owl was almost impossible. Both albums show flashes of brilliance and
yet both have small flaws. American Idiot in places, gets lost among its own thrashing punk sound and yet soars to brilliance with ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams‘. Night Owl is more downbeat in a classical middle of the road 70’s rock style which shines on the excellent ‘Take The Money And Run‘ and ‘The Holiday‘ yet occasionally drags in places with tracks such as ‘The Way That You Do It‘. Green Day sneak it!

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