Meaty Aura.

Group 143:

1.) Meteora: Linkin Park
2.) This Addiction: Alkaline Trio
3.) Best of the B sides: Iron Maiden
4.) Secret Samdhi: Live

You know, when Meteora first came out, I wasn’t that impressed. I thought it was a poor second rate album compared to their forceful debut. Now, after listening to it for a second time, I realise that I was too eager to give up on it, as it’s actually very good. Sure, it’s more of the same as ‘Hybrid Theory‘ but works as a follow on with enough difference to prevent it being a clone. The cracking ‘Numb‘ is a really good pop/metal track which pushes Meteora to the top of this group by a nats breath over ‘This Addiction‘.

Alkaline Trio deliver once again but I feel that ‘This Addiction‘ doesn’t quite reach the heights of their previous 3 albums. Whilst ‘Eating Me Alive‘, ‘Off The Map‘ and ‘The American Scream‘ are the usual quality catchy punk pop with diabolically dark lyrics and sinicism, I feel tracks like ‘Dorothy‘ and ‘Dine Dine My Darling‘ really lower the overall quality of the album. However, the album takes 2nd place on the strengh of the cool title track and *that* Mexican Horn which appears out of nowhere on ‘Lead Poisoning‘!

Maiden slip to third here with a collection of B-Sides. I have never been a fan of B-Side
material (there is usually a good reason why something doesn’t make the album) and whilst there are some worthy songs on here, such as the live version of ‘Futureal
and ‘Prowler 88‘, it’s a bit of a mixed bunch – 3rd place.

Never listened to ‘Live‘ before and the first couple of songs on ‘Secret Samadhi‘ intrigued me as they were quite good n’ groovy southern rock, but then I got to ‘Graze‘ which goes nowehere fast and the album quickly goes downhill and despite the lead singer sounding like a good Michale Stipe impersonator, there really isn’t much to recommend here.

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