Marillion and Roxette leave Iron Maiden ‘Clutching’ at those Wasted Years.


  1. Clutching At Straws: Marillion
  2. Have a Nice Day: Roxette
  3. Somewhere In Time: Iron Maiden
  4. Unison: Celine Dion

Poor ole Celine Dion didn’t stand a chance in this group, and her album Unison ain’t bad at all. But with the immense prog rock classic by Marillion,
Clutching at Straws‘ (featuring Sugar Mice In The Rain) and the sensationally brilliant and breezy ‘Have a Nice Day‘ by Roxette both battling the legendary heavy pummeling metal of ‘Somewhere in Time‘ this was one tough group which was spilling over with great great music! Clutching at Straws is one of those albums that takes you on a journey, with songs that seamlessly fit together and demonstrate the groups excellent technical abilities and by god can Rothery play that guitar.
Have a Nice Day was a bit of a comeback album for Roxette after a short hiatus and yet it is a rich source of sharp Pop magic with songs that just
sound so cool 7Twenty7 being a prime example, also catchy as hell.

It’s hard to put anyone above Maiden and Somewhere in Time is probably one of their best albums with Wasted Years and Stranger in a Strange Land
but someone has got to go home early – arghh probably the best album to get knocked out of round 1 so far! In the end Clutching At Straws and Have a Nice Day are two absolute corkers and the mighty Maiden must miss out here!

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