Greatest Hits albums *can* be good after all.


1.) Very Best & Beyond: Foreigner
2.) A Matter of Life Or Death: Iron Maiden
3.) Talk on Corners: The Corrs
4.) Wired to the Moon: Chris Rea

This is a curious group to judge because we have Foreigner’s Greatest Hits which are obviously up there in the echelons of musical masterpieces. Gramm and Jones were a songwriting tour de force, you just can’t argue with Waiting For a Girl Like You, Head Games, Cold As Ice, I Want To Know What Love Is, Urgent and the rest. Even the 3 new ones are superb. Wired To The Moon with the excellent title track, Winning and beautifully composed Ace Of Hearts is laid back and sumptous. Talk on Corners is as unoffensive an album as you’ll likely to hear (except maybe The Carpenters) and has some really good stuff, So Young, What Can I Do and I especially like ‘Queen of Hollywood‘.

Then there is the heavy thunder WW2 concept album by Maiden. I couldn’t quite get into this album the first time round and I’m still not sure I fully appreciate it but it definitely fills the room with an unnerving sense of war, gloom and dread and tracks like Brighter than a Thousand Suns and The Longest Day are metal epics. An extremly close group which sees two albums go out that I don’t want to go out yet! On sheer musical force I have toput Foreigner top here with Maiden just edging out the other two.

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