Avril says: “See ya l8er, bois”


1.) Let Go: Avril Lavigne
2.) Automatic For The People: R.E.M.
3.) Life Thru A Lens: Robbie Williams
4.) Hysteria: Def Leppard

I am so impressed by Avril Lavigne’s debut which mixes Pop/Rock brilliantly and contains some great stuff such as Complicated, Skater Boi and the
heart-pulling Things I’ll Never Say and showcases her vocal talent which shines bright on this album.
Automatic for the People is another brilliant album, well produced, musically masterful which some cracking numbers like Drive, Man on the Moon,
Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite and the stunning melancholy piano-led Nightswimming. Those two easily top this group with Robbies solo debut Life Thru a Lens
settling for 3rd with the likes of some decent pop and those two hits ‘Let Me Entertain You‘ and ‘Angels‘.
Hysteria has always struggled to win me over. It has catchy anthemic qualities such as ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me‘ and ‘Animal‘ but some of the rest strays
a little bit into cheesefest rock – they should have cut some of the filler outta this album, in fact most of the second half of the album doesn’t get anywhere
near the quality of the first half of the album, except for the title track ballad. The boys should have trimmed this down and they would have had something special.

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