ABC shoot a posion arrow through the heart of the competition.


1.) Lexicon of Love: ABC
2.) Tourism: Roxette
3.) No Angel: Dido
4.) Reggatta de Blanc: The Police

This is a group of real quality, four excellent albums. The Lexicon Of Love (which I only bought because it was £2.99) really has impressed me. Martin Fry’s conceptual album about never getting any (love that is) is just brilliant. It’s joyous, dark and musically very clever but what’s with all the A-Level economics references (Law of Diminishing Returns anyone?)? Roxette were in the zone when they created Tourism (whilst on a world tour promoting Joyride). This album contains some cracking songs and remains fairly accoustic and melodic. How Do You Do is an example of how to write a Pop song and Cinammon Street shows a more storytelling and poetic aproach, a top quality album. Dido is unlucky to finish 3rd here with her excellent debut containing her sweet vocals and melodies and Hunter is just a wonderful song. The Police’s White Reggae remains quirky and musically accomplished at the same time, three highly talented individuals
mainly jamming but also constructing masterpieces such as ‘Message in a Bottle‘ and ‘Walking on the Moon‘. Brilliant group!

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